Laura Malinverni Biography (Neurodiversity in Design Discussion Forum)

17 Sep 2018

In this post, we’re introducing the second speaker who will attend the Neurodiversity in Design Discussion Forum on 4th October 2018 at University College Dublin (see here for more info.).

Dr Laura Malinverni is a postdoctoral researcher at Universitat de Barcelona at the Department of Visual Arts and Design (grant Juan de La Cierva). Her research focuses on creative methods to research and design with and for children. She holds a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies, a MSc in Cognitive Science and Interactive Media and a BS in Fine Arts. She has worked as a researcher in both EU and national-funded projects, focusing on investigating participatory design methods to co-design interactive technologies with and for children with special needs. She also has worked for more than 7 years as an educator in several art projects with at-risk youth. Her research has been published in international journals and conferences.

Posted by Nigel Robb